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Arts & Crafts / Applied Arts

MERGL, Jan (ed.) ; KOTOROVÁ, Ludmila, MERGLOVÁ PÁNKOVÁ, Lenka, MLEZIVA, Jindřich. Art & Crafts / Applied Arts: Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen Exhibition Guide. In Pilsen : Museum of West Bohemia, 2021. 237 pages. ISBN 978-80-7247-186-7.

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One hundred objects selected from one of Bohemia´s oldest and most important collections of decorative arts exemplify the creative output of a wide variety of arts and crafts and applied arts disciplines. Time and time again these unparalleled works provide a breathtaking look at the unique artistry of unknown and famous artists and their approaches to the precious materials they crafted, revealing and reflecting contemporary styles and representing historically valuable records of their times.


The Collection of Arts and Crafts and Applied Arts at the Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Ceramic and porcelain collection

Collection of base and precious metals

Historic and modern glass collection

Other collections


Near and Far East

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