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Odkaz Okruh Popis

Objects marked with a red symbol

Time and style in arts - how the items look - the circle accompanies the craftsmanship from the point of view of the stylistic changes during the time and stylistic periods, reconstructs and approaches typical examples of decors and Shape


Objects marked with a blue symbol

Techniques of shaping and decorating - from what and how objects are created - Circle introduces on selected examples with common and special materials and basic and special craft procedures used in their processing


Objects marked with a green symbol

Functions and shapes - what the objects are for The circuit monitors the relationship between the function of the subject and its shape, the difference between the utility and the decorative, points to the possibilities offered by the traditional approaches and the new A design solution or the extent to which room for the decorative component is provided


Objects marked with a yellow symbol

Significant personalities - who invent things - the circle represents personalities and producers who, in a fundamental way - by craftsmanship, suggestions or business - have influenced the development of arts and crafts and Of applied art .